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Fairy ballet/Tiny Boppers

Inspire a love of dance in these creative classes combining the movements of ballet and jazz to fun songs.


A fun-filled class combining Jazz and Tap styles for our younger students.


A technical and disciplined style of dance, displaying light and graceful movements, providing the basics of correct posture, coordination, and strength.


An abstract style of dance encompassing lyrical, ballet and jazz styles. Designed to help students achieve strength, flexibility, and acrobatic skills.


A fun and energetic class encompassing everything from Broadway to commercial styles.


Classes focus on technique as well as musicality, rhythm, and style. Let your feet feel the beat!

Musical theatre

A class combining singing, acting and dance. Welcome to Broadway!


Focusing on technique and exercises en pointe. Open to all ballet students 12+ who wish to strengthen their ballet technique and prepare for pointe shoes.

Hip hop

A vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movement mainly through popping, locking, and breaking.

Broadway/Audition Prep

Learn a new piece of Jazz/Broadway choreography each week in this fast-paced class, designed to experience the audition environment.


Group lessons that focus on routines for competitions and performances throughout the year.


This fun class combines Musical Theatre and Hip Hop, designed for the boys!


Enjoy Tap dance, Musical Theatre and Jazz styles in this entertaining night of dance!

Private Lessons/Singing

One on one training typically used for learning competition work (solos/duos/trios). Can also be used to catch up on class work or gain confidence outside of the class environment.

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